"Capturing life in the art of the everyday".

As a fine art lifestyle photographer born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area and together with family and life in Vermont, my experience is with folks from many walks of life and traditions, and I love it. 

Having a passion and interest for who we are and the tapestry of our lives is a source of continual inspiration. From your loves to your most precious moments, my goal is to make everyone feel celebrated and amazing. 

I believe...

I believe that in capturing your life in the art of the everyday, the focus is not the photo shoot, but telling the story around your emotional experience. 

I believe that there is no such thing as too short, too tall, too young, or too old, or too anything; it's about sharing your journey and seeing yourself in a beautiful way that you've perhaps never seen before. 

I believe that in capturing your wedding; it is your day, your passion, and your love that should be celebrated and cherished indefinitely. 

I believe that in capturing your traditions, family history is be honored, and that your images are timeless, keeping generations connected for years to come. 


My early years in SoCal, I studied art, photography, and interior design. My career began as an artist for a major animation studio painting Saturday morning cartoons when they were still hand drawn and painted on cels. This was followed by a long-time career as an interior designer and project manager under an architect in Los Angeles. In all this; everything had to have an artistic aesthetic, as well as be camera and print ready.  

Adding to the mix, almost 12-years living on the East Coast, primarily in Vermont where I met and married my soulmate, Jack. Since then, he's assisted in capturing numerous barn weddings and events from intimate to grand. (And I assist him by putting wood in the wood stove)!  With family still in SoCal, both business and pleasure take us back often. 

These life experiences have seasoned us well with what it means to photograph a wedding in any weather condition, and in any season of the year. From snowy winter, to fall leaves, sun and sand, when a client expresses that they are an outdoorsy type; we're truly mobile, flexible, and ready for anything.

Is it Photoshop or?

When it comes to handling your images, there are many choices from the style of capturing your images to the final edits and delivery. I do get asked if I'm changing out backgrounds and skies, and the short answer is, no. While digital compositing art is an option, it's done only when commissioned to create a specific piece of original art or for a more editorial look to an image.

How are your images processed?

With a fine-art aesthetic and consideration for gallery-worthy images, my belief is that all images deserve the care and respect of being individually hand edited and processed. 


Since 2008, I've focused solely on professionally developing my love of natural photojournalism as well as defining a more cinematic, fine art painterly style. This begins with how each image is captured; the details and fundamentals of light, composition, perspective, and color balance. In addition to zoom lenses; often, the most striking images are shot with prime lenses and advanced lighting gear and techniques. 

Why consider a fine art wedding photographer?

Because you are taking the time to be thoughtful about your wedding design, décor, details, and aesthetics, then a fine art wedding photographer is right for you. For family and other portraits, capturing environmental portraits that tug at your emotions and tell your story is also a great reason to to consider a fine art photographer. There are many qualified photographers with different styles, so likewise be thoughtful about the perfect match for your portraits or wedding day vision. 


When all is said and done; with our human connections, lives, and loves, it's about capturing life in the art of the everyday that makes for an authentic and timeless image with soul. I look forward to capturing timeless beautiful images that you'll treasure for generations. 

I'm delighted to chat with you to answer your questions. Please feel free to reach out, and let's connect.

In gratitude,


Let's get to know each other.

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